Gatwick Airport Transfer

When we speak of Gatwick we refer to the second busiest and biggest airport in London with almost 36 million passengers that used its services. With 55 registered airplane movements in one hour it has the most occupied runway with single-use in the world. It has a long and beautiful history from 1241 when the name Gatwick first appeared and think that it came from a manor placed exactly where the airport lies today, to the official opening in 1958 and from 2010 when its owners changed and planned major investments till this day when we only think on how to get there faster so that we don’t miss our flight and our only thought is Gatwick Airport Transfer.

There are lots of means to get to Gatwick whether in style, fast or safe. In the next rows we will go through the most important of them.

Firstly we have the minicabs. We refer to these because usually are cheaper than the black cabs. Elegant, effortless and comfortable. You can pre book your cab in advance and all is set. That is why we think it is the easiest way to make a Gatwick Airport Transfer. Your driver will meet and greet you, because any respectable minicab company has this service, will help you with your luggage and maybe will delight you with some of London’s great stories. The ride will be pleasant and another advantage is the fact that you can travel in groups from 4 to 30 passengers because some companies offer coaches for hire. With prices starting at 53 GPB we can say that it is not an expensive service taking into consideration all the benefits that it brings. Using a minicab the ride will last approximately 80-90 minutes.

Secondly we have the train. This is without doubt the fastest way to get to the airport and here we are making reference to the trains called the Gatwick Express. With departures from Victoria Station to the South Terminal at every quarter of an hour and with the service running almost 24 hours a day it is very difficult to miss your flight. The price will be around 20 GBP for a single journey and you will be at your destination in half an hour. Of course there is another train service, called Southern, that has the same price but the difference is that will go through the East Croydon and Clapham Junction. The third train that can get you to Gatwick Airport is the First Capital Connect. It passes many stations until it reaches its destination but it costs less, 10 GBP and during the day it has leaves at every 15 minutes and during the night once an hour.

Thirdly we have the coach. A great way to travel to the airport and basically admire a part of London. The coach is no doubt the cheapest way for a Gatwick Airport Transfer. For example if you use the easyBus that runs from Earls Court / West Brompton straight to the airport it will only cost you 2 GPB and the trip will be around one hour. The service is available non-stop. Option number two if you choose the coach is the National Express that leaves from Victoria Station every half an hour. The price is 8 GBP and the ride will take about 80-90 minutes.


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